Avalon’s professionals have extensive transaction experience initiating, orchestrating and closing acquisition, divestiture and merger transactions. As investment bankers, operators and principal investors, our senior executives have been on both sides of the negotiating table. Sell side assignments range from family-controlled businesses to private equity portfolio companies to non-core divisions of public companies. Acquisition assignments include management buyouts, going-private transactions and businesses seeking to increase growth through acquisition. Our services include:

Assisting Buyers:

  • Refine acquisition criteria
  • Systematically source acquisition targets
  • Approach target(s) confidentially
  • Value potential targets
  • Develop bidding strategies
  • Due diligence
  • Negotiate acquisition/merger terms
  • Review contract documents
  • Guidance through closing

Assisting Sellers:

  • Determine the fair market value of the business
  • Develop sale strategy
  • Prepare confidential selling materials
  • Pre-due diligence preparation
  • Identify corporate and/or financial buyers
  • Contact potential buyers
  • Negotiate sales terms and deal structure
  • Review contract documents
  • Guidance through closing

Avalon brings a disciplined approach to each assignment. We spend the time to understand the company, the owners’ needs and the competitive and financial environment. We are tenacious and creative in closing transactions, but believe it is important to know when to say “no” as well. We use leading edge databases, but believe the expertise and judgement of people, not listings, create optimal transactions. For experienced executives, Avalon acts as a resource, leveraging your efforts by providing acquisition searches and assisting with the transaction to increase your effectiveness. For less-experienced owners, we know a transaction can be a life-changing event for the company and its employees. Avalon will orchestrate the entire transaction process, putting our knowledge and skills in finance, operations, negotiations and transactions to work for the benefit of all parties.